Bad Bertrich – a real hot spot


Formed from lava and fire

Katholische Kirche in Kennfus

Bad Bertrich is situated in a 200 m-deep side valley of the Moselle in the southern Vulkaneifel region – which is part of the Rhenish Slate Mountains. The geological formations are from the Lower Devonian period, with marine deposits dating from the Paleozoic era some 390 million years ago. Volcanic activity was still prevalent in these ancient mountains as recently as 50,000 years ago.

Nine volcanoes make up the south-eastern area of the recent volcanic field in the western Eifel. Bad Bertrich is home to a hot spring, which was already in use in Roman times, and is famous far and wide for its health-giving properties. The formation of the valley, the genesis of the volcanoes and the origin of the hot spring represent a unique combination of natural events, which have attracted the attention of many geoscientists over the years. (Dr. G. Büchel, Institute for Geosciences, Mainz)

The parish church and a number of houses in Kennfus are particularly interesting, having been built from blocks of dark lava and abundant light-coloured tuff.
Hands-on geology

The 10-km hiking trail Geo-Route Bad Bertrich leads walkers back along the ancient lava flow, offering information on the local geology along the way.

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Landschaftstherapeutischer Park

Landschaftstherapeutischer ParkDer Römerkessel in Bad Bertrich ist ein besonderer Park. Es ist der erste landschaftstherapeutische Park Europas. Sieben sehr unterschiedliche Gärten sollen anregen, beruhigen, inspirieren.


Vulkaneifel Thermal Spa

Vulkaneifel-Therme Bad BertrichSome places offer an immediate escape from everyday life. The Vulkaneifel thermal spa is one of them.
Treat yourself to an extra special pampering experience – to a greater sense of freedom and wellbeing.

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